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photo credit: Jen Painter

photo credit: Jen Painter




TWENTY women only are invited to join us at the luxurious EVA SCRIVO SALON at 50 Bond Street, for an evening of pampering. After all, self-care is the most important ingredient to how we show up for all the other important roles in our life: mother, daughter, wife, boss. Join us for an evening of putting OURSELVES FIRST with decadent facials, uplifting massages, sleek hair blowouts and makeup lessons. Founder Eva Scrivo will be on hand to share how she built her salon empire in Manhattan.

A sign up sheet for the treatments will be sent your way as soon as you purchase your ticket. 

I also want you to think about what your business or enterprise needs right now and what skillset you could share with others in the group. Please come prepared with these thoughts.

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We are expanding the list of services on offer that evening, courtesy of some of the amazing small business owners in the LadyDrinks contingent. See below

Makeup Makeovers (Eva Scrivo Salon)

Hair blow-outs (Eva Scrivo Salon) 

Pedicure (Eva Scrivo Salon)

Escape Facial (Eva Scrivo Salon)

Eyebrow Shaping (Eva Scrivo Salon)

Consults with Love Coach Cheryl Lazarus

Consults with Renuka Pinto, Duffy & Bracken, Wellness & Physical Therapy

Consults with Stylist Monisha Kapur, 344pm

Cheryl Lazarus, Love Coach and Relationship Expert
She will provide 30-minute Laser Coaching Relationship Sessions. She helps women to attract new love, heal from a breakup, or enhance the relationship that they are in. Bring one Relationship challenge or concern to gain clarity, insights or strategies for your next steps forward!
Monisha Kapur, Stylist, 344pm
She will be on hand to provide 30-minute sessions to give moms and busy women an easy and convenient way to decode fashion. She will assess your own personal style this evening, and provide some insights on what you could keep--or change!

Renuka Pinto, Physical Therapist, Duffy & Bracken

Renuka Pinto is an internationally traveled and trained physical therapist who has worked with world class elite athletes! She will be on hand also in 30 minute sessions to share her knowledge and expertise of the sports world, and share with you empowering tools for healthy living. With over 15 years of experience in orthopedics, sports, and pain management, Renuka can help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.


---Thanks Joya Dass for hosting a terrific goal setting workshop last week. One of my goals was to be a more engaged mom and as a first baby-step I volunteered to do story time at my daughter's Kindergarten class. I went today and had a blast and the children even invited me back;) --Jenny Powers, founder of Running with Heels (co-host of Sept '14 LadyDrinks)

---Fantastic event, always a pleasure working with you and I LOVED Marina! She did a great job---Antonia Predovan, WIN NYC (co-host of Nov '14 and Jan '15 LadyDrinks)

--Hi Joya, Thank you, I wasn't expecting to be so inspired by Marina's presentation. Thank you again ----Leni Silvestre (attendee of Jan '15 LadyDrinks)

....event was phenomenal.....I made at least 2 new and valuable connections tonite. I feel so eager and ambitious right now as I sit and replay the event in my head and the talented entrepreneurial women that were there.
— -Karyshma Dasadia
....Thanks for all you do! It is wonderful to see how you enjoy connecting and empowering women. I look forward to next month’s meeting.
— Lyna Castillo-Javier
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event last night! It was great meeting you, finally. Looking forward to attending more.
— Ruchi Gupta
“..... great event last night. LOVED the energy!”
— Jyoti Singhvi,
Photo credit: Jen Painter

Photo credit: Jen Painter

A great platform to connect with like-minded women. Thank you Joya Dass for creating such a fun environment where i had conversations that were inspiring, informative and motivational!!..... I realised last evening that i have to get a new website up ASAP
— Jyoti Kapoor, Jyoti Kapoor Jewellery