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photo credit: Jen Painter

photo credit: Jen Painter




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What's better than turning three? LadyDrinks Networking celebrates its third year of hosting networking events in 2015 with a mother-daughter party. We are hosting it at Dylan's Candy Bar, started by lady entrepreneur Dylan Lauren back in 2001. Bring your daughters! Because, as we know, YOU ARE THEIR FIRST ROLE MODELS.

Price of admission, includes admission for your little girl.
Please do bring the other little girls in your life. There is an additional daughter ticket link available

Wanna know about all the amazing lady entrepreneurs attending the LadyDrinks Mother Daughter event August 6th? Read here: 

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Sponsors include Jyoti Kapoor Fine Jewelry, Jaya Mohanan

Amanda Sohan is the author of THE SLIPPER, the fiction book that will be featured as a giveaway at the LadyDrinks Mother Daughter party August 6th.
Arden Greenspan-Goldberg will be giving away her book "What do you expect? She's a Teenager!"



....event was phenomenal.....I made at least 2 new and valuable connections tonite. I feel so eager and ambitious right now as I sit and replay the event in my head and the talented entrepreneurial women that were there.
— -Karyshma Dasadia
....Thanks for all you do! It is wonderful to see how you enjoy connecting and empowering women. I look forward to next month’s meeting.
— Lyna Castillo-Javier
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event last night! It was great meeting you, finally. Looking forward to attending more.
— Ruchi Gupta
“..... great event last night. LOVED the energy!”
— Jyoti Singhvi,
Photo credit: Jen Painter

Photo credit: Jen Painter

A great platform to connect with like-minded women. Thank you Joya Dass for creating such a fun environment where i had conversations that were inspiring, informative and motivational!!..... I realised last evening that i have to get a new website up ASAP
— Jyoti Kapoor, Jyoti Kapoor Jewellery