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photo credit: Jen Painter

photo credit: Jen Painter



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How often do we set goals, but never really allocate time to figuring out HOW to achieve them? How do we set aside time each week to ensure that this goal comes to fruition? 

What's key is ensuring that this goal and the steps to achieving them FIT INTO YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE. Idea Coach Marina Romashko leads you through this intensive to discover what your priorities are first? And then your top goals for 2015. We'll do a breakout session into little groups, so you can articulate your goals to a group of women. The mere act of articulating them can set powerful things in motion. 

Join us January 15th with the equally powerful women of WIN NYC to co host this first event for 2015!

6:00- 6:30 PM Check-in
6:45 PM Opening Remarks and Intro to Idea Coach Marina Romashko
6:45-730 PM Workshop
730-8PM Small Groups


....event was phenomenal.....I made at least 2 new and valuable connections tonite. I feel so eager and ambitious right now as I sit and replay the event in my head and the talented entrepreneurial women that were there.
— -Karyshma Dasadia
....Thanks for all you do! It is wonderful to see how you enjoy connecting and empowering women. I look forward to next month’s meeting.
— Lyna Castillo-Javier
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event last night! It was great meeting you, finally. Looking forward to attending more.
— Ruchi Gupta
“..... great event last night. LOVED the energy!”
— Jyoti Singhvi,
Photo credit: Jen Painter

Photo credit: Jen Painter

A great platform to connect with like-minded women. Thank you Joya Dass for creating such a fun environment where i had conversations that were inspiring, informative and motivational!!..... I realised last evening that i have to get a new website up ASAP
— Jyoti Kapoor, Jyoti Kapoor Jewellery